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Coffee is my ultimate planning tool. Nothing makes my planning sessions feel more inspired than a mug of cappuccino to get my brain into gear.

Beaver Creek’s coffee is extra special. The beans are grown right here in South Africa, and roasted on the farm on the South Coast. We have some great memories of visiting the coffee farm as a little family.

The fact that I can have a delicious cup of coffee while supporting local makes my day, and I think it will make yours too!

Here is the Beaver Creek description of the Espresso Blend:

“A full-bodied blend of coffees that is bold in flavour with subtle chocolaty notes, followed by a smooth aftertaste.

This blend is made up of specially chosen coffees from South America, Indonesia and Africa. Taken to a dark roast to reduce acidity and create a full and balanced flavour, this blend is ideal for making the perfect espresso.”

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