Cheese and wine printable pun cards


I know it’s cheesy, but wine not?

Create a finger food  platter  with your favourite foods and add cute puns to each food type.

Check out this blog post for more food platter tips for Valentine’s Day. 

This printable set of cards includes 16 food puns to add to your Valentine’s Day food platter:

  • Olives: “Olive me loves olive you”
  • Strawberries / blueberries: “I love you berry much”
  • Mushrooms: “My heart has so mushroom for you in it”
  • Crackers: “Darling, you cracker me up!”
  • Grapes: “I always have grape fun with you”
  • Chocolate: “I like you a choco-lot!”
  • Brie cheese: “I only want to brie with you!”
  • Grated cheese: “I know it’s cheesy, but you’re grate!”
  • Carrot sticks: “I really carrot live without you!”
  • Tomatoes: “I love you from my head tomatoes.”
  • Hummus: “Hummus where you are.”
  • Cucumber sticks: “You are cool as a cucumber.”
  • Mini pizzas: “You hold a pizza my heart.”
  • Pineapple: “If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple.”
  • Samosas: “I have fillings for you.”
  • Avocado pieces: “You know, I avo crush on you.”

Print the cards onto cardboard, cut them out and stick them onto toothpicks to stick into the different foods.

Alternatively, you can pack all food items into a box with the tags tied to the different items to create a “date in a box” gift. A card with “I know that it’s cheesy, but I thought wine not?” is included in the printable set which you can stick onto the top of the box.

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