A Valentine’s Day at Home

Flatlay with wooden letters spelling LOVE, pink roses, candles and hearts

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? We do, kind of. I like the idea of an extra day to celebrate love. My husband thinks it’s an over-commercialized opportunity for companies to sell us things we don’t really need. So we compromise.

We celebrate small, with some good food – hey, we need to eat anyway, might as well eat something delicious! – and maybe a bottle of wine, a good movie or a picnic outside. And I always take the opportunity to buy a gift, because gifting is my love language.

The gifts are almost always practical, and I like to add a pun. One year, I bought my husband a new fan with a card that said – “I’m your biggest fan.” It was February in Hartbeespoort – another fan in the house was a gift for me too!

Another year I bought a shovel with a card that said “I dig you.”

So you can see, I like to celebrate the cheesiness of Valentine’s Day to it’s full extent. But practically, you know? I do not like white teddies with red hearts on their tummies.

Since we are in the middle of a pandemic and many people are staying home for Valentine’s Day this year, I have included two date ideas in this blog post that you can easily set up at home. One is a cheese and wine set up, the other is a DIY home spa day. And you’d better believe that both include a LOT of puns!

I tell you exactly what you need for each date idea, and you can create your own pun cards. However, I’ve also created a set of printables for each date that you can purchase for R30 if you’d like to save yourself some time. You can buy them in my online store.

Local gift ideas

I’ve also included a gift guide of a number of amazing local products that would make great Valentine’s Day gifts. You can check out this guide in my Instagram profile (@deardiary_za).

Cheese and wine

Even though I’m calling this a cheese and wine, you definitely don’t need to have cheese or wine at this date. Basically, it’s a “eat your favourite finger foods from a platter” date.

I love a food platter setup. My daughter calls it a picnic, and I guess that’s kind of what we make of it. We always add lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, some cheese, a dip or two (like hummus and cream cheese), maybe a couple of cheese grillers and, if we’re celebrating, a couple of chocolates like Whispers or Chuckles. The photo below was a platter we made for New Year’s Eve. It had all the good things!

Basically, for this date, there are no rules. Buy your favourite finger food and drink, stack it onto a plate, and viola!

Here is a list of food types with puns that you can use:

  • Olives: “Olive me loves olive you”
  • Strawberries / blueberries: “I love you berry much”
  • Mushrooms: “My heart has so mushroom for you in it”
  • Crackers: “Darling, you cracker me up!”
  • Grapes: “I always have grape fun with you”
  • Chocolate: “I like you a choco-lot!”
  • Brie cheese: “I only want to brie with you!”
  • Grated cheese: “I know it’s cheesy, but you’re grate!”
  • Carrot sticks: “I really carrot live without you!”
  • Tomatoes: “I love you from my head tomatoes.”
  • Hummus: “Hummus where you are.”
  • Cucumber sticks: “You are cool as a cucumber.”
  • Mini pizzas: “You hold a pizza my heart.”
  • Pineapple: “If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple.”
  • Samosas: “I have fillings for you.”
  • Avocado pieces: “You know, I avo crush on you.”

And if you want to save yourself some time, you can purchase a set of 16 printable pun cards from my online store for only R30.

Printable food platter puns: Olive me loves olive you

Tip: a food platter can get expensive quite quickly. If you have access to the Checkers 60 or Pick ‘n Pay Bottles apps, use them to make your purchase. In this way you can stick to a budget much more easily by picking and choosing your items from the app and easily removing something from your cart if the total gets too high.

Spa day at home

Create a “Spa Day at Home” gift box by purchasing a number of different spa products, printing these pun cards onto cardboard and sticking them to the products. This gift box can be given as a box on Valentine’s Day to be used later, or you can set up a home spa experience for your partner on the actual day.

Home Spa Day printable cards: you are the bomb

Remember, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, so why not use the free day to relax and spend some romantic time together?

Here are six examples of products you could buy, and puns to go with them:

  • bath bomb: “You are the bomb”
  • massage oil: “oil of me loves oil of you”
  • candle: “you are the light of my life”
  • reed diffuser: “you are scent-sational!”
  • champagne: “you make my heart bubble”
  • soap: “for some good clean fun”

Once again, if you want to save yourself some time, you can purchase a set of 6 printable pun cards from my online store for only R30.

Valentine’s Day Kids Crafts

A photography of hands cutting red hearts out of red paper using scissors

Oh, and since many of our kids are still at home, I’ve also created a collection of some Valentine’s Day craft ideas for them. You can view these ideas on my Pinterest board called Kids Valentine’s Crafts.

I purposefully selected crafts that you can re-create from the pinned image, so you don’t need to spend hours searching for and reading through instructions. I hope you and your kids have a good time!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

No matter how you choose to spend the day, I hope it’s a special one for you and your family. Remember, celebrating love is a true privilege in this time.

Have a good one!


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