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Hi, I’m Karin!

I’m a wife, girl mom of two, teacher and recovering perfectionist. Oh, and I absolutely love coffee shops!
I love writing, and that’s what Dear Diary is all about. Whether I’m creating products that help YOU write more, plan your life better or tell your own story, or whether I’m writing myself, Dear Diary is all about putting pen to paper. (Or, you know, fingers to keyboard!). Words really do have the power to change the world!
My latest project was designing the 2021 Everything Planner, a beautiful, fully functional planner for the new year.
The planner is also available in a digital format. This PDF can be used on a digital device or you can have it printed and bound yourself.  Check it out in my online store!

Eight tips for finally achieving your goals

Do you find yourself asking, “How can I actually achieve my goals?” Do you start each new week, month or even year by writing a beautiful list of new goals and then rewrite the list at the beginning of the next week, month or year because you haven’t achieved any of them? And do you …
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A Valentine’s Day at Home

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? We do, kind of. I like the idea of an extra day to celebrate love. My husband thinks it’s an over-commercialized opportunity for companies to sell us things we don’t really need. So we compromise. We celebrate small, with some good food – hey, we need to eat anyway, might …
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